Here are a few reviews of workshop and talks i've done recently.
I met Angie on her Shimmering Landscapes workshop that I attended at the NEC. It was BRILLIANT!!! I had never used transfer foils before, so this was a completey new experience for me. The workshop was very informative, clear instructions were given and it was in no way stressful atall, infact it was a very relaxing and enjoyable hour! I came away with what I feel is an impressive piece of textile art. Seeing the fantastic landscape materialise was very satisfying. On Angie's recommendation, I am working on it now to embellish with stitch etc.

Having taught craft workshops myself, I really appreciated Angie's level of professionalism. Angie was very well organised and invaluable tips were given, which is something that you don't get if you are self taught, learning from a book or off the internet. Angie was both enthusiastic and inspiring. Nothing beats a hands on workshop experience like this!

Thank you Angie for such a great workshop, for the inspiration, and the advice. I had a fantastic time!

Rach Lambourne.
It’s also safe to say that you acquired a new set of “Angie Groupies” following your workshop. You sparked a lot of imagination and creativity and everyone went home with something precious at the end of the day. We loved having you and hope we can do it again in the not too distant future.


Cheryl MK EG