Here are a few reviews of workshop and talks i've done recently.
I met Angie on her Shimmering Landscapes workshop that I attended at the NEC. It was BRILLIANT!!! I had never used transfer foils before, so this was a completey new experience for me. The workshop was very informative, clear instructions were given and it was in no way stressful atall, infact it was a very relaxing and enjoyable hour! I came away with what I feel is an impressive piece of textile art. Seeing the fantastic landscape materialise was very satisfying. On Angie's recommendation, I am working on it now to embellish with stitch etc.

Having taught craft workshops myself, I really appreciated Angie's level of professionalism. Angie was very well organised and invaluable tips were given, which is something that you don't get if you are self taught, learning from a book or off the internet. Angie was both enthusiastic and inspiring. Nothing beats a hands on workshop experience like this!

Thank you Angie for such a great workshop, for the inspiration, and the advice. I had a fantastic time!

Rach Lambourne.
It’s also safe to say that you acquired a new set of “Angie Groupies” following your workshop. You sparked a lot of imagination and creativity and everyone went home with something precious at the end of the day. We loved having you and hope we can do it again in the not too distant future.


Cheryl MK EG

Angie Hughes - workshop review

I attended a workshop lead by Angie Hughes on Friday 27th June in Malvern . The title of the worship was ' textiles landscapes ' . I had been looking for a free embroidery based course or day for sometime and couldn't believe how reasonable the cost was for this day . £45 in comparison to other days which were £150 . Angie keeps the price down by giving you responsibility for bringing your own machine - this is great as you work on your machine which enables you to go home and build on what you have learnt . The only problem I had was it was a Friday and it isn't easy for me to get a day off work .
The venue was lovely , nice size and enough space to work with plenty of light which I really appreciated when we got down to the details .
Angie was great and the start to the practical was brilliant . No fussing , silly getting to know you , just straight into the activity . There were 8 people on the day which meant she was able to demonstrate each stage and we could all see . It also meant if you needed any help she was there pretty quickly and always positive .
Angie is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work and it is easy to spend time listening to her and not doing your own piece.
I really liked that you were able to have lunch when you felt like it , at the stage you needed a break . Also you could eat at you station if you wished . This encouraged everyone to talk and share skills and ideas .
I learnt so much about stitches on the day but mainly I learnt there is no rules to your piece . Angie gives you the confidence to realize , if it goes wrong it doesn't matter - either unpick it or put a patch of fabric over and start again , she even shows you were she goes wrong in her work . Angie is full of great tips like where to source fabrics and threads from , just remember to take paper and pen so you can write it down, I am sure I missed bits that would be helpful as I was so focused on the practical .
I came away feeling energized and really eager to experiment more . I look forward to doing more workshops with Angie and will recommend this to my friends.

Lesa welch


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